Thassos is the greenest island in the North-Aegean Sea, also called the "Emerald island of the North". Every year, Thassos attracts thousands of visitors from across Europe and beyond, among other, due to the island's beautiful sandy beaches and the greenery that literally almost reaches the water. Great historical sights make the island a unique destination.
Must visit sights on a sightseeing trip include the Archaeological Museum of Thassos (Limenas), the Folklore museums of Potamia and Theologos as well as the Acropolis and the ancient Theater close to the town of Limenas. Worth visiting are also the peninsula of Aliki and traditional villages such as Panagia and Theologos, where architecture enthusiasts can admire the old-traditional Macedonian architecture. Making the tour around the island, you can visit all the different villages and the magical sandy beaches. Do not hesitate to mingle with the locals, who are always willing to help any visitor of Thassos.

Archeological Museum of Thassos - Pegasus
Archeological Museum of Thassos - Kouros
Archeological Museum of Thassos
Archeological Museum of Thassos - Alexander the Great
Thassos Town Ancient Market
Thassos Town
Thassos Town - Kalogeriko
Thassos Town old Harbor
Thassos Town - Kalogeriko
Thassos Town old Harbor
Vathi Beach
Aliki Beach
Paradise Beach
Golden Beach
Golden Beach port
Marble Beach
Thassos Town Sunset
Thassos Town Sunset
Thassos Town by Night