Our Philosophy

"Our philosophy is connected to serving people and creating strong bonds with customers, while offering them a unique, family-based hospitality experience. In order to meet the wishes and expectations of our customers, we focus on offering personalised services in our modern yet traditional hotel rooms and communal areas. We invite you to come and spend with us your summer nights and to enjoy our freshly cooked, traditional dishes made with organic ingredients from our garden."

A brief history of our hotel

"I encourage you to accept that you may not be able to see a path
right now, but that doesn't mean it's not there.“


Saw Mill

Saw Mill

In the 1960’s, the growth in International Travel and Tourism reached Thassos, mainly due to its well deserved reputation of being one of the greenest and most beautiful Greek islands, but also due to its close proximity to the Greek mainland.
Although, in the early years, the number of visitors was small, some islanders saw the future potential of tourism on Thassos, realising that it would inevitably replace the centuries-old traditional occupations of agriculture, forestry and fishing. One such forward thinking Thassian was Panagiotis Hatziemmanouil, who, in 1959, introduced the first passenger boat service to the island. The boat, named Alexis (see photo), brought visitors from the city of Kavala to the port of Limenas (Thassos Town).
Panagiotis also owned and operated an olive processing factory and a sawmill, both located on the land now occupied by the hotel Pegasus. In 1984, Panagiotis sadly passed away, leaving the family business to his sons, Yannis and Alexis. In 1987, the two brothers, being aware that the island was suffering from a lack of quality accommodation, took the decision to demolish both the sawmill and olive factory and to build a hotel, named "Pegasus", which opened its doors a year later, in 1989.
The following decades have seen a year on year growth in the number of visitors to the island, with the hotel being under Yannis’ stewardship after 2000, continuing to evolve so as to offer its guests the highest quality of accommodation and service.